Beauty Tips You’ve Never Heard

Everyone wants to look beautiful and charming. Though there are lots of ways through which you can enhance your beauty but today we will talk about the less popular beauty tips that you might have never heard. From the makeup to the natural beauty, we will talk about everything. So get ready to explore some of the finest beauty tips that will prove helpful in many ways.

Apply powder before foundation – Yes you are reading it right. Most of us first apply the foundation and then the powder but this is really the wrong step. Using the powder first creates a smooth canvas which helps in applying the foundation easily. The powder acts as a primer and therefore it should be applied before the foundation only.

Use blush to get the glow – Most of the women forget to blush the forehead especially near the hair line. Make sure that you do it properly so that your skin looks even.

Try soft lip colors – In case you are not much fond of the bold lip colors, just put few dots of the lip color on the lips and then use your fingers to rub it gently such that it spreads evenly on the lips. This will surely give a lovely look that you will definitely like.

Wet your lashes for a lovely effect – If your eye lashes are not in the proper direction, just wet them and then apply the mascara on it. It will give a beautiful effect and your eye lashes will increase your charm.

Use lightweight foundation – If you want to give a natural look to your face, go for lightweight foundation because it blends easily with the skin thereby giving the desired look. The best part is that the light weight foundation of good quality stays all the day round thus making you look beautiful all throughout the day.

Facial oils are great – If you wish to have a glowing skin when going to a party, use facial oils just after the foundation. Massage it gently and specially near the cheek bones for a charming effect. This tip is quite useful as the cheek bones will shine and enhance your beauty.

Chill your foundation – During the summers keep your foundation in the refrigerator so that when you apply it on the face it gives a cooling effect and reduces the swelling as well. Facial swelling is quite common during the summers so chilled foundation can help you to put an end to this problem.

Use fixing spray – In the summers there are higher chances that your lipstick or eye liner may wash out due to excessive sweat. In order to avoid such problems, use fixing spray which keeps the lipstick as well as the eye liner in form.

Sunscreens to avoid blackheads – Blackheads are a common problem nowadays. If you too are struggling with it, stay away from all types of creams and serums as these will only block the holes rather than try the sunscreens which are highly effective.

Just try these tips, hope you will like and find them useful.


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