My Experience With Body Contouring At the Skin Clinic

Losing weight can truly be a struggle, and I know I am not the only one with this problem. I have tried everything, dieting, and doing exercise.  While I have lost a few pounds, I was not able to get rid of the annoying bulges, especially in my midsection, arms, and thighs.

Reaching my goal weight, as I found out, was only the first part of the challenge. I felt better and healthier, and I started to lose fat and build muscle. But the tough part was getting back to the shape I had before. 

Where I Found Help

For a long time, it felt like the only way to get rid of those bulges was to go for liposuction. This was not something I wanted to do, though, as I was looking for a non-invasive way to deal with my unwanted bumps.

I did my research and looked for alternative ways, which I found at this skin clinic. It was one of the last places I expected to learn all about body contouring but the experts at this clinic are passionate about both the skin and the body, which is why their treatments focused on them specifically.

I have never heard of body contouring before, and reading about it on their website piqued my interest. After all, no more diets, no hunger, no gyms, and definitely no exercise but you still get to the figure of your dreams. It sounds too good to be true, so I set up an appointment to learn more about it. 

During the session, I talked about my struggles to get rid of stubborn bulges. I was actually very satisfied with my body weight, but I still did not feel confident enough to show more skin. Some areas of the body also had cellulite and I was incredibly self-conscious about it. 

Why Body Contouring Is The Solution  

First of all, it was stressed to me that body contouring is not the solution for excess weight, as it only deals with stubborn fat cells that are behind cellulite and those annoying bulges. As the goals of the treatment were discussed to me in greater detail, I was even more convinced that I was at the right place. 

The best thing about body contouring is that it is completely non-invasive and instead, uses technology to deal with fat cells and cellulite. Specifically, it uses a low-frequency ultrasound that targets the fat cells directly. Strong pressure is emitted by the ultrasound, which is too much for these cells and leads them to disintegrate into a liquid state. 

Once it is transformed, it simply gets reabsorbed by the body through the lymphatic system and the liver. The fat cells get recycled and used up for energy, although some do get expelled through the urinary system. The best part is, you will see immediate differences in your body’s measurements as the fat cells disappear. 

Body contouring is effective in removing fat deposits in those troublesome areas of the body, like the abdomen, the thighs, buttocks, love handles, and arms. These are usually the areas where diet and exercise do not really work, as most fat becomes muscle instead. If you truly want that slim figure, then this is the best way.

What To Expect During Your Treatment

Not only is body contouring non-invasive; it was a much easier approach compared to all the work I had to put in to lose that weight. The sessions were not too uncomfortable and I could combine the treatment with my day-to-day life. No days-off necessary, like if I were to undergo liposuction. 

They advised me, though, to switch to a low-carb, low-calorie, low sugar, and fat diet the day before and after the treatment. This fasting helps in burning off what gets released when the fat cells disintegrate.

Moreover, drinking water helps keep the body well-hydrated during the treatment and eliminates the toxins released. Exercise after the treatment is a plus so that the body burns off the reabsorbed energy from fat. 

The best thing is that you see the results after a few sessions. I remember feeling so happy to finally getting rid of those trouble spots, especially after a long time struggling with them. As soon as I saw those measurements changing, I was immediately convinced that I found the perfect solution. 

Final Words

Very few people are aware of body contouring, which is unfortunate given how effective it is. Of course, this does not mean you do not have to do the hard work of dieting, exercising, and watching out for what you eat, but it certainly helps you gain the confidence to wear that sexy bikini again.

Taking Your Options for Mole Removal

mole removal

Mole naturally occurs in any part of our body. It develops when pigmented cells are clustered together, which appears on the skin as black or brown spots. The most obvious ones are those on the face that for some looks okay. It actually enhances and makes their look interesting and easy to remember. For others, however, too big moles don’t please them particularly if it is located on the nose or other parts of the face. For these reasons, many look for the most effective mole removal procedure to finally get rid of the moles that displeases them.

In Australia, there are numerous health clinics that offer advance procedures for removing moles. Mole removal Sydney clinics, for example, are known to offer reliable mole removal services.

How to safely remove moles

If you don’t have any idea about removing moles safely, or if you’re not confident that you can do home treatments yourself, then you should consult with a dermatologist. The first step is to set an appointment at the nearest but credible health clinic. One possible reason why you want your mole removed is for beauty purposes. However, you still need to consult with a dermatologist to examine the mole and determine what procedure is best for its removal. You need to know that moles can be cancerous. When a mole is cancerous, you have to let a professional remove it so the cancer cells can be handled well.

A biopsy is needed to be able to determine whether or not a mole is cancerous. During your consultation with the doctor, the mole will be examined and if it exhibits melanoma or other common symptoms of skin cancer, then a biopsy will be ordered. The type of procedure to be performed depends on the result of the biopsy.

What are the safe ways that a professional can use to remove moles?

  • Surgical excision. It is a procedure that is required when the mole is too large or identified as cancerous. The surgeon will just administer a local anesthesia. Then, he will make a deep cut to remove the unwanted mole including the surrounding tissues. The tissues are included so regrowth of the mole cells will be prevented. The last step is the use of sutures to close the wound. This procedure is safe and is designed to leave minimal or unnoticeable scarring.
  • Surgical Shaving. Like surgical excision, an anesthesia is administered first. Then, the mole is shaved off but you won’t feel any pain. There are no stitches but a needle prick is required, which will leave a very small scar after the process.

What are mole removal procedures that must be avoided?

When you search the Web, you’ll see different home treatments that promise effective removal of moles. There are also cosmetic procedures offered at salons that you should be hesitant about.

  • Laser Mole Removal. This is not a safe procedure because it does not follow standard operating procedures such as biopsy, which is necessary to determine if the mole is potentially cancerous or not. It is not and will never be a good alternative to the procedure that doctors perform professionally. In addition, it may leave a scar that is far worse than other procedures.
  • Mole Removal Creams. These creams are very appealing particularly to those who are not well informed about the different procedures that can safely or dangerously remove moles. They can be bought online and are promoted and marketed as non-invasive and very cheap alternative to surgical procedures. Creams can also be actually damaging later on because they penetrate deep into the skin. When they seat deep underneath for a long time they may cause damage that is irreparable. The small scar from safe procedures are very minimal compared to the damage that creams can cause.

You may not be worried about having moles. You may even actually like its presence on your face because it makes you look better. However, you need to highly consider mole removal when it is changing its size and color. You should not wait for it to grow larger and become cancerous. You also need to always protect your skin so no new moles will be formed. One effective way is wearing sunscreen to protect he skin from harmful UV rays.