The Benefits of Undergoing a Physio Session

physioI am 40 now and there are still so many things that I want to do and achieve. Even if I have a small business, I still make sure that I allot time for my kids to take care of them. As much as possible I want to prepare breakfast for them to ensure that they are eating healthy food. In our house, we also have dogs and cats that also demand time and attention from me. However, my current age is not helping me do my tasks and responsibilities as efficient as I was able to do during my younger years. This pushed me to look for ways that will help me regain the level of vitality and strength I had during my teenage days.

One of the remedies that caught my attention is physiotherapy. As a meticulous mother, I want to live a healthy life that doesn’t rely on synthetic drugs and processed food supplements. This is why I always try to look for natural ways to keep my body healthy and strong. Physio, which is a therapy that doesn’t involve intake of medicines or other chemical substances, is a natural and safe way to help people recover from pain, injuries and other unhealthy conditions due to the wear and tear an aging body is experiencing.        

Because of the initial research I did, I’ve learned that there are certified and experienced physiotherapists in many parts of Australia. I live in Werribee but our residential house is not located in the crowded and busy city. I wanted to see a physiotherapist so I searched online for the best physio in Werribee suburb.

After a few clicks, I stumbled upon a clinic that has good reviews from its previous patients. I read further about their background and services. Then, I decided to visit them the next day since it is a Friday. I contacted them using the phone number posted on their website.

On the day of my first visit, I still did my usual morning routine – preparing breakfast for my kids and husband and attending to our cute and lovely pets. When they left for school and work, I took a quick bath and prepared myself. I wore casual but comfortable clothes.

When I arrived at the clinic, the receptionist greeted me warmly and assisted me until I am face to face with one of the clinic’s physiotherapists. The physiotherapist is very professional but at the same time kind and entertaining. At first, she asked me to discuss about my current health condition. So, I told him about my problem and narrated how I am having difficulties in moving particularly when carrying things and when climbing the stairs. I experience back and joint pains more often now. Aside from my age, I shared with him the things I do in my house and in our small business. I liked the fact that he is very attentive to everything I say.

The discussion was followed with a physical examination. He said that it is necessary to assess my body’s flexibility, range of movement and strength. The results of the examination will be used to devise a treatment plan that is adjusted and tailored to my health condition and needs. The therapist said that they want to succeed in helping every patient overcome physical and health problems. They do it with the careful consideration of the assessment results and activities and responsibilities that the patients are attending to.

During my first visit, I was experiencing a little pain at the lower part of my back. He tried to perform a few treatments to ease the unwanted pain. He did a few minutes of massage but it’s not like the usual massage we experience in spas. I can really feel the comfort not only on my muscles but also on my bones. While he is carefully massaging my lower back, he shared with me the top benefits of seeing a physio and actually undergo a therapy session.        

Physiotherapy successfully helps restore flexibility, which is essential in keeping the body able of doing simple to complicated movements. My therapist asked me to try several exercises and poses that will help improve my flexibility. All throughout the different exercises, he was closely guiding me to make sure that I am doing every step properly. A series of therapy sessions will also improve balance and coordination. He further added there are exercise routines that can even prevent future health problems. What I’ve noticed is that strength training and aerobic exercise are essential in the recommended workout plan.

I went out of the clinic feeling relieved, relaxed and more optimistic because I’ve learned that even if I am 40, I can still be as strong and flexible as a teenage girl. I agreed with the physio to come back to the clinic and complete a series of physio session.

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Healthy Reasons Why You Should Book for a Massage Session

massage benefitsThere is no denying that with the everyday exposure to stress, a lot of people would love to have some down time and find some means to relax. An Ivanhoe massage session at Freedom Chinese Medicine could be the best way to go for a massage will do more than just relaxing the body.

To some people, a massage is just a luxurious treat, a way of pampering the body after a tiring day at work. However, both traditional and modern medicine practitioners agree that it is more than that. Massage therapy is an effective ally if you are constantly looking for a total healthcare program. The surprising benefits of massage can’t be denied and it is proven by the number of health care clinics and individual practitioners who offer different types of massage services.

A wide Range of Healthy Benefits

After a tough workout or any activity that involves exertion of force, the body is expected to feel sore and muscles may even become inflamed. A massage can instantly help the body recover even for just a ten- minute session. But the benefits of massage therapy go beyond comforting aching muscles. A lot of studies will prove that there’s more to it than just a soothing rubdown.

For one, a massage can help manage anxiety and depression. Cortisol is a stress hormone that makes a person feel anxious and depressed. A massage can reduce its levels, which result in a feeling of lifted spirits. Other than that, the body becomes relaxed as blood pressure drops to a normal level. Serotonin levels are also boosted which makes a person feel happier.

If you find yourself having trouble going to sleep, a massage may be all that you need. It is a fact that most people who went through a session doze off minutes after the therapist started. This is the most convincing proof that a massage promotes a restful sleep. It is said that it has something to do with the manipulation of the delta waves or the brain waves responsible for achieving a deep sleep.

People with weakened immune systems can also benefit from a massage. There are multiple studies made about how massage therapy can boost the immune system. It is attributed to its effects on the white blood cells that are in charge of fighting disease- causing microorganisms.

For women who are struggling with PMS every month, a massage can help reduce its symptoms aside from helping the body become less stiff and achy. Bloating, cramping and mood swings are also noted to become less evident whenever a woman submits to a regular massage session.

A massage is also effective when you are finding it difficult to respond immediately. It was found out that a 15-minute session is enough to boost the brainpower. This will make a person become increasingly alert and more aware of the surroundings.

Aside from soothing body pains, a massage can alleviate headaches. Migraines are too tough to deal with and it is not advisable to be dependent on pain killers. A session will limit migraine pains as well as lessen tension headaches. It even helps in curbing stress and anger that are associated with a painful, pounding head.

More than the health effects, those who are searching for a natural way to enhance their beauty can also look into massage therapy. With a massage, the blood flows better which plumps up the skin making it glow. Accumulation of toxins in the blood contributes to unhealthy cells and dull- looking skin. With a massage, the lymphatic system works at its best thereby flushing out toxins more effectively. Plus, a person who is relaxed looks fresher and healthier making one attractive to the eyes of other people.

Getting a massage can really do great wonders on the body. There are still a lot of researches going on that aims to discover more massage benefits. Massage therapy is even considered to have positive effects on people who are undergoing treatments for chronic diseases and even neurological disorders. It is becoming an essential part in hospital care, a far cry during when it is considered as a mere ancient medical technique. Medical practitioners already included it as part of the therapies need to gain full recovery after a disease or an injury. They also admit how emotionally beneficial it is for the patient when a relaxation technique, such as a massage, is added to his existing treatment regimen. Overall, a massage can enhance the overall sense of well-being not only physically but also mentally.

But still, a person who seeks these benefits of massage therapy should consider having it on a regular basis. You will not be able to appreciate its long- term effects unless you commit to getting it at consisting intervals. You may look at it as a health investment especially when you acknowledge how important it is to have a healthy body. A body that performs at its best can do so much more and massage therapy will help you achieve your target health goals.

What Entails When Buying Properties

buying a propertyEvery person should invest in a property at some point in their life. All things considered, buying property is a challenging task. To begin with, you will need to search for properties that can meet your requirements. Then, you will have to negotiate for the property cost to match your investment budget. Also, you need to make sure that the particular property comes with the necessary legal documentations. On top of that, property buying can be more stressful in case you have some competition.

The competition normally happens in acquiring Melbourne properties most especially if the property is eye-catching and clean. If this is the case, some property buyers use the services of professional real estate agents. Through their expert assistance, you can make better decisions and have lesser tasks in terms of acquiring a property. However, there are several other factors that have roles to play if there is a competition.

There are plenty of properties available in the market that interested buyers can select from. And it is expected that there are also other people who want the same property you choose to buy. Therefore, it is best that you inquire if there are other potential buyers to that property. By doing this, you can come up with better plans and figure out the best offer for the property.

Limiting Your Conditions
Doing your own inspection is vital to be able to discover hidden problems that may affect your investment. Inspecting also helps you to determine the expenses if you intend to renovate the property. It will also allow you to obtain more information regarding the property that can help you make better deals.

When to Purchase a Property

As with all financial transactions, the golden rule applies in property buying too, which is to buy cheap and then sell dear. The timing of your purchase together with your chosen property choice often depend on your reasons behind that acquisition. Why are you buying the property?  What are your expected returns from the investment? Is the property location ideal for your health? Etc. If you are purchasing it for residence, you will need a bigger area for your family and you have no intention of selling it in the near future, then now is an ideal time to invest. In this case, you have a broad range of choices, between opting for properties in cities, to the outskirts, to the countryside.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a property for a business or office space, the most important thing to consider is the location. Obviously, you need to search for properties in the business and commercial areas. You may encounter some difficulties when it comes to commercial property investment, especially if it is a major purchase. If you are part of a large corporation, the risks are considerably lower, given that you have a financial support. Major corporations can easily get good commercial properties at low value. But if you are a small buyer, you must be meticulous. There are a lot of variables that need to be factored in. For example, the possibility of expansion, the nature of the business, and many others. Another important thing to do on your part is the market research, which needs to be done carefully.

How to Look for the Right Property

In today’s times, you have a broader array of resources to enable you to search for the right property compared to the past:

  • Make Use of the Internet – Nowadays, you can search for properties all over the country without the need to leave your house. The online registration forms generally include all the details you need, complete with images, to help you decide what you want in checking out properties. There are many websites available now to help you choose the most suitable property in no time. Moreover, your local realtors also have their own websites.
  • Through Real Estate Agents – An experienced agent can easily find the right property for your needs, if you are always busy and you usually check out all the properties that appeal to you. A real estate agent is the best informant, as they are normally the first to find out about new listings. This is really beneficial to you especially if the market is quite competitive.

Owning a property is a goal for many people. However, this goal comes with a whole lot of paper work, financial requirements and concerns. A property is a major investment and it is not always easy. In fact, it can take you a long time to find a property you totally want to own. And when the time comes, everything should fit in your budget. You also need to go through tons of other legal procedures to eventually purchase your home. Do not forget the legal jargons and terminologies you have to learn regarding property buying.

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Taking Your Options for Mole Removal

mole removal

Mole naturally occurs in any part of our body. It develops when pigmented cells are clustered together, which appears on the skin as black or brown spots. The most obvious ones are those on the face that for some looks okay. It actually enhances and makes their look interesting and easy to remember. For others, however, too big moles don’t please them particularly if it is located on the nose or other parts of the face. For these reasons, many look for the most effective mole removal procedure to finally get rid of the moles that displeases them.

In Australia, there are numerous health clinics that offer advance procedures for removing moles. Mole removal Sydney clinics, for example, are known to offer reliable mole removal services.

How to safely remove moles

If you don’t have any idea about removing moles safely, or if you’re not confident that you can do home treatments yourself, then you should consult with a dermatologist. The first step is to set an appointment at the nearest but credible health clinic. One possible reason why you want your mole removed is for beauty purposes. However, you still need to consult with a dermatologist to examine the mole and determine what procedure is best for its removal. You need to know that moles can be cancerous. When a mole is cancerous, you have to let a professional remove it so the cancer cells can be handled well.

A biopsy is needed to be able to determine whether or not a mole is cancerous. During your consultation with the doctor, the mole will be examined and if it exhibits melanoma or other common symptoms of skin cancer, then a biopsy will be ordered. The type of procedure to be performed depends on the result of the biopsy.

What are the safe ways that a professional can use to remove moles?

  • Surgical excision. It is a procedure that is required when the mole is too large or identified as cancerous. The surgeon will just administer a local anesthesia. Then, he will make a deep cut to remove the unwanted mole including the surrounding tissues. The tissues are included so regrowth of the mole cells will be prevented. The last step is the use of sutures to close the wound. This procedure is safe and is designed to leave minimal or unnoticeable scarring.
  • Surgical Shaving. Like surgical excision, an anesthesia is administered first. Then, the mole is shaved off but you won’t feel any pain. There are no stitches but a needle prick is required, which will leave a very small scar after the process.

What are mole removal procedures that must be avoided?

When you search the Web, you’ll see different home treatments that promise effective removal of moles. There are also cosmetic procedures offered at salons that you should be hesitant about.

  • Laser Mole Removal. This is not a safe procedure because it does not follow standard operating procedures such as biopsy, which is necessary to determine if the mole is potentially cancerous or not. It is not and will never be a good alternative to the procedure that doctors perform professionally. In addition, it may leave a scar that is far worse than other procedures.
  • Mole Removal Creams. These creams are very appealing particularly to those who are not well informed about the different procedures that can safely or dangerously remove moles. They can be bought online and are promoted and marketed as non-invasive and very cheap alternative to surgical procedures. Creams can also be actually damaging later on because they penetrate deep into the skin. When they seat deep underneath for a long time they may cause damage that is irreparable. The small scar from safe procedures are very minimal compared to the damage that creams can cause.

You may not be worried about having moles. You may even actually like its presence on your face because it makes you look better. However, you need to highly consider mole removal when it is changing its size and color. You should not wait for it to grow larger and become cancerous. You also need to always protect your skin so no new moles will be formed. One effective way is wearing sunscreen to protect he skin from harmful UV rays.  

Bringing Out the Natural Beauty of your Hair with Balayage

balayageMany of today’s modern women want to look beautiful. They need to make sure that their best assets really do stand out. This is intended not only to enhance one’s natural beauty but, more importantly, generate the kind of self-confidence that modern individuals so desperately require. However, letting natural beauty stand out without necessarily overdoing it requires skill and finesse in the application of several natural beauty enhancers. Whether it is the application of a makeup or artificial eyelashes or even balayage, you will need to be careful so that it will look natural, not like some Kabuki doll.

Hair and Natural Beauty

Mankind has always been fascinated with keeping their crowning glories looking great and fabulous. Many women would spend countless hours in a hair salon just to have their hair fixed in different styles and cuts. More often than not, they follow the in-thing, the trend as dictated by models in magazines, actresses in films, or even the who’s who in the world of the rich and famous. And when it comes to giving your hair its natural beauty, you definitely need to try the bayalage hair highlighting technique. The best balayage in Melbourne by Rakis on Collins as well as in other key cities of Australia and the rest of the world can literally help bring out the natural beauty in your hair.

As a Hair Highlighting Technique

Many modern individuals go to great lengths to add colour and vibrance to their hair. Some would go with natural looking hair colours while others would go to the rather unusual, very loud, ‘look-at-me’ kind of colours like orange, violet, purple, green, and blue, and any colour in between. The colours or hair highlights can be applied onto the hair in four fundamental types: foiling, painting, chunking, and frosting.

Balayage is a kind of free-form highlighting using a paint brush specifically designed for hairs. It is a French word that means to paint or to sweep. What makes it so unique from other types of hair highlighting techniques is that it naturally blends with your hair. It is not obnoxious or loud. The colours are just right to make your hair looking more natural. The subtle colours project a hair that naturally glows or shines. However, instead of ambient light reflecting from your hair, it is the subtle, sometimes subdued, and soft colour that is reflected.

Why Should You Get a Balayage?

Although balayage has been around ever since man first tried experimenting with applying his hair with soft, subtle, and very minimal dye or hair colouring, it is nonetheless making a huge comeback. This has been made all the more possible because of the models who walk the fashion industry’s ramp as well as the world’s A-listers in both the film and print industries. Movie and TV personalities have all started sporting naturally looking highlights in their hair. Even known socialites and philanthropists have been seen having a bayalage.

However, you should not get a balayage for yourself simply because it is the in-thing to do or that the world’s celebrities have it. No. you should get a bayalage for the simple reason that it can bring out the best in you.

The main principle behind the art of bayalage is something that you are too familiar with: less is more. Natural beauty can be best achieved by highlighting your most striking features or your best assets. By applying lesser amounts of hair colouring, the choice of which is dependent on the tone of your skin, bayalage can bring out the best in your features.  

Bayalage is easy to maintain and works for all types and length of hair. It gives your hair a more natural look, more bespoke, and of course, more flattering.

Where Can You Get It?

Bayalage is painting your hair in free-form. While you can do this in the comfort of your own home, it is always recommended to get the professional expertise of a bayalage specialist. This is to make sure that the colours to be used bring out the natural beauty in your hair as well as highlight your other features, especially your skin. In some cases, the colour of your eyes will also have to be taken into consideration so that the effect will be more natural and very pleasing.

Any changes done to our crowning glory usually creates a difference on our face. And this change is often better. So, if want a gorgeous looking hair that is glossy and naturally-enhanced, get a bayalage now.

Orthotics and Postural Alignment: Key to Freedom from Pain

Orthotics 1
Many of the world’s musculoskeletal problems such as lower back pain and pain in the knees and hips are not caused by injuries or diseases. Majority of these health problems are brought about by misalignment in certain body structures that undue stress on these parts of the body. The stress sends out waves of sensations that are interpreted by the brain as pain. And this is where orthotics comes into play.


Although by definition, orthotics is an allied medical specialty that is directly involved in the creation, development, production, and application of devices that are intended to  modify or change the functional and structural characteristics of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems, the term now is more commonly associated with the use of custom-made foot inserts. These custom-made inserts are designed to realign the joints of the feet to relieve pressure on these structures when walking, running, or even just standing. Many Melbourne clinic establishments offer highly customized foot orthotics as part of their treatment plan for patients with low back pain and pain in the lower extremities.

General Uses of Orthotics

Going back to the general use of orthotics as an allied medical specialty, orthotic devices are designed to guide, control, immobilize, and/or limit the use of an extremity, body segment, or joint to achieve a specific purpose. Orthotic devices are also designed to restrict unnecessary movement and to reduce the effects of weight-bearing forces on a certain body part. Lastly, orthotic devices are intended to correct the function and/or shape of the body part in order to reduce pain and promote freedom of mobility.

Orthotics in Podiatric Medicine 

Orthotics as specially-designed foot inserts are fast becoming an excellent option for podiatric medical practitioners and even osteopathic doctors. Many of the patients seen by these professionals complain of back pains that are not necessarily the result of congenital problems or direct injuries. Surprisingly, many patients’ back problems are related to abnormal gait and posture which are evidenced by the abnormal flexion of the cervical spine, the back, the hips, and the knees. When these abnormal flexions are left unmanaged, they create injuries that are associated with repetitive movements. As such, one way to address these problems is by correction of the abnormal flexion to return the functional alignment of the head-to-toe axis.

How Can Orthotics Help You? 

In order to fully understand the full benefits of orthotics, you need to understand what happens to the structures in your feet as you walk. Walking involves landing with your heels and taking off on your toes while subtly shifting your weight from the sides to the middle. Just look at the sole of your feet and you can see the distinct arch on the inside.

Orthotics 3When you draw an imaginary line down your shin bone, it should pass right between your big toe and your second toe. If the imaginary line falls on the inner aspect of the big toe, you may have what is called pronated feet. This shifts most of the weight-bearing on the outer aspect of your feet. Pronated feet can make your knees turn inward which, in turn, shifts the angle of your hips at the region where your pelvis meets the thigh bone. These result in the destabilization of the spine giving you all sorts of lower back problems.

Orthotics improves and stabilizes the overall position of your feet in order to realign it to the spinal axis.  By correcting complicated ankle and foot deformities, orthotics can promote postural alignment in your upper body. This relieves pain in the lower back, the hips, the knees, and the feet in a phenomenon that is known as the kinetic chain. By stabilizing the base, everything else upwards gets corrected.

Orthotics is thus an effective way to stabilize the alignment between the spinal column and the lower extremities. Patients with spinal issues can be helped well with this type of intervention.

The Health Benefits of Wood Furniture

wood furnitureWood is one of the best materials used in making furniture ever since a long time ago. Different types of trees produce a variety of woods that vary in texture, color and hardness. They are hewn and shaped in many different designs based on the aesthetic taste of the individual. In addition to this, they have an imperishable value, are sturdy and require low maintenance. In fact, stunning pieces of wooden furniture are usually handed down from one generation to another with their value increasing with age. Visit I Wanna Go Home for Hamptons style furniture, if you want to see stunning pieces of wood furniture.

Wood is one of the simplest materials found in nature. This strong, fibrous tissue have countless of uses. Depending on how you are going to use wood, there are two main groups you should know about – hardwood and softwood:

Softwood lumber is produced by coniferous trees such as hemlock, pine, evergreen, spruce, cedar, redwood and fir. These woods are being used in the construction industry for creating furniture.

The hardwood comes from deciduous trees that shed leaves once every year, including walnut, cherry, oak, poplar, maple, ash and birch. These are also used to make furniture, although in limited amounts only because it is quite difficult to chop or drill these varieties, and so certain pieces are really expensive.

While wood is considered to be the oldest material used in making pieces of furniture, other kinds such as plastic, glass, aluminum and steel started to appear. These other materials may have significantly changed the furniture industry, but wood is unquestionably a staple material in the production of furniture. Wood is not only everlasting, but it is timeless too. Whether it is a chair in the dining room or an armoire in the living room, the manufacturers in the wood furniture combine classic beauty and sturdy functionality, along with either a country or contemporary style.

Wood is Good for Your Health

When people are asked what they think about wood, the answer is that they think it is aesthetically appealing and had a warm feel.  However, only a few people know that wood also has many health benefits. Here are some of the amazing health benefits of using wood furniture pieces:

The studies about the effects of rooms with wooden furniture and furnishings demonstrate that the presence of wood has positive psychological and physiological benefits. The presence of wood indoor is like spending time with nature. The feeling of natural comfort and warmth that it brings about in people lower blood pressure and heart rates, increases positive social interactions and lessens anxiety and stress. Wood materials in a room have also been proven to increase the quality of air inside by moderating the humidity.

Just like the way that indoor plants are known to reduce stress in people. When used indoors, the wood surfaces lessen the levels of stress of the individual. The physiological benefits in companies include happier employees, fewer stress-related diseases and a decline in the number of sick days.

The favorable psychological and physiological effects of wood have also been seen in schools. The students in classrooms with more wood have lower stress levels and heart rates compared to students in classes that feature metal and plastic. In classrooms with complete solid wood interiors, the stress peak, which was measured in the pulse rate of the pupils, subsided shortly after arriving in school and the pulse rate did not increase again. In a typical classroom, the mild stress level in students continued all throughout the day.

The performance of the employees has been shown to increase in comfortable working conditions, and the addition of wood, which is a naturally comfortable and warm element, greatly contribute to the ability of the employees to perform their best.

A research conducted at service centers for the elderly revealed that using wood in interiors influenced the behavior of the elderly people in a positive manner. The residents in the aged care homes interact more with one another when surrounded by wooden furniture.

By putting natural massive amount of wood in a room, it has been proven that the humidity of indoor air in hospitals is at its best from a health aspect, especially for patients suffering from asthma and allergies. Wood is also considered to be a material that supports recovery.

Making use of wood materials help reduce environmental carbon to a certain degree that is impossible through the usage of non-wood products. Estimates are that for every amount of carbon that is consumed by using wood materials, greenhouse gas carbon is decreased.

The type of wood you use in making furniture or any other wooden piece of furniture in your home or business will certainly add a unique feel to the area, helping you create a special ambiance. From the wide variety of woods available in the market, you can easily select the one that fits your taste and needs.

Targeting the Problem with Remedial Massage

Massage is largely considered as an effective regimen to ease muscle tension and provide an overall relaxing effect. In some patients with chronic pain, massage has been known to provide some degree of pain relief. Although massage in itself does not make the core of a medical therapeutic regimen, it can, nonetheless maximize the effects of mainstream medical treatments. This is the core philosophy of our Prahran clinic in suburban Melbourne.

Targeted Massage

Physiotherapy and sports clinics now provide patients suffering from a host of musculoskeletal and mobility problems with a massage intervention known as remedial massage. This involves the deep manipulation of the different tissues of the body to elicit a desired specific outcome. This is largely different from a general massage in which the goal is to provide an overall sense of relaxation for the whole body. Remedial massage is also colloquially known as a targeted massage.

The Science Behind Remedial Massage

Because remedial massage is not your ordinary relaxing and soothing massage, the remedial massage therapist should have the necessary cognitive and psychomotor competencies to carry out the massage regimen in a manner that is consistent with treatment modalities. It is for this reason that education is required in order to achieve certification in this industry. This is what makes therapists efficient in carrying out their duties to their patients. Certification is essential because this is the basis for patients to trust their therapist.

Certified remedial massage therapists have to be knowledgeable about the different structures of the human body including the specific functions of each body part. Particular emphasis is on muscles, joints, and bones and can sometimes include the parts of the nervous system such as the brain, spinal cord, and the nerves. All of these are required to enable the remedial massage therapist to identify specific body parts that are not functioning normally.

Aside from anatomy and physiology of the human body, the remedial massage therapist should also be able to know how to effectively assess and diagnose what is wrong in a patient. This can be aided by his knowledge of some of the more common conditions that are directly related to mobility such as muscle aches, sprain, and strain among others.

Once a thorough assessment has been performed, this will be further confirmed by a series of tests that will determine the specific muscle that is giving pain to the patient. This way, accurate and muscle-specific manipulative treatments can be performed – right where it should be. Hence the term targeted massage or remedial massage.

Who Can Benefit from Remedial Massage?

As remedial massage provides both general relaxation and a targeted massage to provide remedy to the body part that is causing the muscle tension and / or pain, remedial massage is generally considered to be beneficial to patients who have may be suffering from muscle aches and pains, joint problems, as well as stress and tension headaches.

The general effect of remedial massage is the release of muscle tension and a reduction of muscle spasms and cramping. This is brought about by the careful manipulation of a group of muscles to stretch and relax them so that they return to their original tonicity. The range of motion of joints is also optimized for mobility.

The effects of remedial massage are greatly related to the improvement in the overall blood flow to the diseased body part. This enhances the recuperative body processes that are already on-going to hasten the speed of recovery. With an improvement in blood circulation, the elimination of body wastes is also improved through the lymphatic system, draining the toxic substances that can contribute to the pain perceived in that area of the body.

Remedial massage has also been known to be effective in lowering the cortisol levels in the body. This can contribute to a much lower pain experience. Massage can also increase the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain to provide a countermeasure to the effects of stress as brought about by the pain experience.

Remedial Massage Sessions

Unlike relaxing massage that covers the entire body, remedial massage can only take at least 30 minutes of targeted session to provide relief to a specific problem. This is what makes remedial massage ideal for today’s urban professionals who are always on the go that they simply do not have the 90 minutes for a whole body massage. By focusing on what really is the problem, this targeted treatment can thus be finished in a shorter period of time.

Remedial massage is not really new. The concepts and principles have been applied ever since physiotherapists began understanding the need to focus more on the problem of patients and not necessarily the entire body. For as long as it is acquired from specialists and certified staff, recovery and wellness can certainly be achieved.

Leading Healthier Lives: The Essence of a Health Foods Store

organic foodOrganic food is fast becoming a trend with a growing number of followers every single day. This clearly shows the growing awareness of the consuming public of the need to safeguard one’s health and actively seek for better alternatives to what is currently being consumed. And this is something that is fully understood by the people of Melbourne Essential Health Foods Store.

What is Organic?

The term ‘organic’ is often used to describe a certain characteristic of a product – usually food – that has been grown without the use of artificial products or other synthetic methods. What it entails is that the production processes involved are all-natural, using whatever resources is currently available in the environment.

Organic Farming

Since organics are more closely related to food products, when used in agriculture, organic processes describe a method of farming or the growing of vegetables, flowers, fruits, and other plant life through the effective use of the land itself.

Organic farmers can use crop rotation to maximize the yield of their farm by planting various seasonal crops. This ensures that the land is continuously being used and replenished of its valuable nutrients particularly nitrogen. To aid the organic farmer in this process, animal wastes and composts are used to make the soil as fertile as possible.

Controlling pests such as ant hoppers and farm bugs, organic farmers employ what is called biological pest control. They use the natural predators of these farm pests. Using spiders and frogs are just two of the more common biological pest control methods.

Organic Livestock

The principles of organic farming are not only confined to plant life. Growing chicken, swine, cattle and other farm animals can also benefit from organic methods. By giving food items that are naturally, and organically, found in the farm, these farm animals are grown without the use of artificial, commercially-prepared feed such as growers, fatteners, and finishers.

Is It a Novel Concept?

Organic farming is not something entirely new. Before the advent of fertilizers and pesticides, farmers and livestock growers have naturally depended on their surroundings to produce greater farm yield as well as get rid of farm pests. They maximized the land by composting animal manure, turning them into a rich source of nitrogen for the land. Other animals were also employed to help control the growth of pests such as ant hoppers and aphids.

However, with the coming of technology and supposed breakthroughs in commercial pesticide control, these unique organic farming methods of old have been slowly drifting away. In its place came the convenience and ease of using commercially-prepared agricultural products.

And now, it is making a comeback because of the increasing awareness of the public on the many health issues posed by indiscriminate use of pesticides and other agricultural products.

Bringing the Benefits of Organic Methods to Your Table

When the products of organic farming – both plant life and livestock – finally reach your table, you and your family are on the right track to healthier lives.

  • Organic foods slow down the effects of premature aging
  • Organic foods boost the ability of the body to fight infections
  • Organic foods reduce the likelihood of having heart problems
  • Organic foods reduce the likelihood of certain cancers from developing

Furthermore, organic foods are also instrumental in reducing the environmental footprint of agricultural processes by reducing the need to use artificial fertilizers and harmful pesticides. It also promotes the welfare of animals by giving them only food that is available from the farm. All in all, organic foods have the best intention of ensuring the safety and health of future world generations.

Because organic foods do not contain pesticide residue, your health is guaranteed. Not only that, it definitely tastes better, too. The anti-oxidant properties of organic food are incomparable, primarily because the vitamins and minerals and other nutrients that are found in organic food is not contaminated with harmful chemicals coming from pesticides.

Where to Get Organic Food?

The best source of organic food products will be from organic farmers themselves. If you know someone who is an organic farmer, then he is the best person who can supply your organic food needs. However, the number of organic farmers is still not that great. So the next best thing for you is to look elsewhere.

Natural health food stores are abundant all over the world. These stores provide a wide array of organic food items that should give you convenience as well as the peace of mind related to your health.

Being healthy and staying that way takes more than just eating the correct diet. You also need to make sure that the food you eat does not give you additional problems. Going organic is surely the best way to achieve this.